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Psimon Choleman, a priest passionate about science, is expelled and excommunicated from the Church.

Filled with rage, the scientist plots revenge against the clergy and the whole world.

But you know ... anger makes you crazy.

Psimon known as Psycho, blinded by the idea of ​​ruling the world and being the God of the new age, performs dangerous experiments to perfect a highly radioactive substance that would bring him to power.

To stop Psycho, agents enter his secret laboratory to retrieve the dangerous substance.

Unfortunately, the agents do not know that the mad scientist had installed a locking mechanism in his laboratory to prevent strangers from entering and leaving unharmed.

Are you ready to test yourself to stop his evil plan?

Beware, you only have 1 hour to get out of his laboratory with the radioactive weapon and save the world from Psycho. TICK, TACK ...

Flask with periodic table of elements_ed
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