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Choose your room and come and live a unique and unforgettable experience!


 Address:   Via ferruccio pelli 18, Lugano - 0793541755

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Fantasy - Mistero

The Cursed Pyramid

2 - 6 persone

Some slightly too curious explorers desecrated the ancient and cursed tomb of Raneb, son of the most tyrant and fierce pharaoh of ancient Egypt.


Fantasy - Mistero

The forbidden castle and the goblet of power

2 - 6 persone

Year 1152 King Soltar ruler of the middle lands ,makes a pact with the devil in order to be the most powerful and dangerous ruler of the kingdoms of the seven lands.

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Thriller - Mistero

Psycho Lab

2 - 6 persone

Psimon Choleman, a priest who is passionate about science, is dismissed and excommunicated from the Church. Filled with rage, the scientist, plots a revenge against the clergy and the whole world. 


 Address:   Via Rainéd 9, Taverne  - 0793541755


Mistero - Thriller

The temple of sacrifice of the Maya

2 - 12 persone

Year 482 B.C., the Mayan people are going through a severe famine. The propitiatory gods cannot be summoned and the cones of their eternity and power have been lost in the temple of sacrifice.


Thriller - Horror

Karina's torment

2 - 6 persone

Several years have passed since Dr. Motyl was arrested. About his daughter Karina, on the other hand, nothing more is known. In the village of Schmetterling, no one dares to approach the mansion anymore ... now uninhabited... since



Hood and the 7 Magic Spheres

2 - 6 persone

The legend of the seven lost magical orbs is told. It is said that once brought together, they can give elevated power and grant unlimited wishes.