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Choose your room and come and live a unique and unforgettable experience!


 Address:   Via ferruccio pelli 18, Lugano - 0793541755

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Fantasy - Mistero

The Cursed Pyramid

2 - 6 persone

Some slightly too curious explorers desecrated the ancient and cursed tomb of Raneb, son of the most tyrant and fierce pharaoh of ancient Egypt.


Fantasy - Mistero

The forbidden castle and the goblet of power

2 - 6 persone

Year 1152 King Soltar ruler of the middle lands ,makes a pact with the devil in order to be the most powerful and dangerous ruler of the kingdoms of the seven lands.

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Thriller - Mistero

Psycho Lab

2 - 6 persone

Psimon Choleman, a priest who is passionate about science, is dismissed and excommunicated from the Church. Filled with rage, the scientist, plots a revenge against the clergy and the whole world. 


 Address:   Via Rainéd 9, Taverne  - 0793541755


Mistero - Thriller

The temple of sacrifice of the Maya

2 - 12 persone

Year 482 B.C., the Mayan people are going through a severe famine. The propitiatory gods cannot be summoned and the cones of their eternity and power have been lost in the temple of sacrifice.