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Year 1152 King Soltar, ruler of the middle lands, enters into a pact with the devil in order to be the most powerful and dangerous ruler of the kingdoms of the seven lands.

The devil accepts his proposal, but in return the king had to get him a virgin to be sacrificed every 7 new moons

Soltar accepts regardless of all the details of his decision.

To stipulate the pact The devil gave him a very precious chalice that had to be kept and hidden.

The chalice had the power to make anyone who possessed it invincible

Soltar then, to prevent anyone from stealing it, bricked it up in the castle telling no one where it was hidden.

He then began to reign despot without regard for his subjects but after the 21st moon he was no longer able to offer the tribute due to the demon.

Enraged, he inflicted a cruel death on him.

The kingdom began to go into ruin until Arthur reigning of ..... managed to take possession of the kingdom and together with Merlin a young man with magical powers defeated the curse that hung over the castle but unfortunately the chalice was never found again.

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